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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Upcoming Criterion Releases!

Lovely things are happening over at the Criterion Collection Factory of Joy this September. They are rereleasing Jacques Tati's Playtime, Fellini's Amarcord, Kurosawa's Seven Samurai, and Terry Gilliam's Brazil. I can hardly believe it myself. But yes, the upstanding folks at Criterion are doing their part to rid the world of poorly transferred reissues of the best that cinema has to offer. Rest assured, you are in very safe hands.

Also, note the cool new minimalist criterion logo that they are sporting these days! Dig it.

The purchasing and hasty consumption of all of these titles may result in the following side effects: extreme coolness, lack of boredom, intense cerebral activity, enlightenment, and various forms of attention from the opposite sex.

The extremely handsome lounge lizards here at Boast are not responsible for the lack of said side effects if persons fail to purchase all of the aforementioned titles.

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Blogger Neal Romanek said...

Stunning 7 Samurai cover!

10:57 PM


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