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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Transformers Overdrive?

Zahra over at the rockin' Flixens site has posted an image of Optimus Prime from the newest Transformers movie project.

Unfortunately, the image of Optimus Prime reminded me of Maximum Overdrive more than the old Transformers show and movie. Yikes! I know some people are skeptical of Michael Bay directing it, but I wonder if the show's premise isn't beyond the destructive lameness of Mr Armageddon...
Disputing Alien robots that transform into semi trucks, VW Beetles, and ambulances? Sounds pretty sweet for saturday morning, but a live-action feature? Hmmm... I almost hate myself for saying this, but Bay might actually be able to make this show watchable.

Then again, maybe not.

Movie MILF's Transformer post

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