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Saturday, December 30, 2006


I just finished watching a TV series on DVD called Wonderfalls that aired in 2004 and was cancelled after only 4 episodes. It follows Jaye Tyler, a recent graduate from Brown University, as she enters post-university life… by moving home (Niagara Falls), buying a trailer, and working as a sales clerk in a touristy souvenir shop. Normal enough? In her dry, self-deprecating way, she thinks so… until inanimate toy animals start talking to her. Talking wax lions and pink lawn flamingos aren’t without their own brand of weirdness as their cryptic counsel encourages Jaye to reach beyond her standard (and quite hilarious) routine of cynicism and doubt.

Wonderfalls is (minus the talking animal bit) like a mash-up of Arrested Development and Veronica Mars and, like both of these shows, runs the risk of being too clever for its own good. All of this said, it’s not difficult to see why this show was cancelled, given the track record for cancelling great series by US networks.

I would normally consider it a comedy, but for the pointed social critique. Good poppy fun with bite that will make you laugh out loud.

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