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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dark Night of the Soul

In case anyone missed the news, Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse did an album together, titled Dark Night of the Soul. If that wasn't enough coolness, David Lynch shot a whole book of photography for the project, and sings on two of the album's tracks. The album's release remains uncertain thanks to record label lameness. Luckily, NPR Music allows you to listen to the whole album on their site.

Boast's verdict: It's brilliant.

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Blogger Jordan said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm a fickle Lynch fan and love me some Sparklehorse and Danger Mouse (not to mention the other musicians who collaborated on this project). I gave the music a listen and browsed through some photos online when I first saw this posted a while ago but need to return to it.

7:05 PM

Blogger Jon said...

Yeah, it's always good stuff to return to. Mark Linkous' recent suicide is a real tragedy. But we can be grateful for his musical contributions. At least the record dispute is done and this disc will finally get a proper release.

11:51 AM


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