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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Jeanine Meerapfel's Regionalzeitung

For those of you who dig obscure 60s German documentary, check out Jeanine Meerapfel's Regionalzeitung (Local Newspaper) at Wissen und Medien's website. The film was done through the Ulm Film Institute, where Meerapfel was a student in the late 60s. It focuses on the Schwabian Danube Newspaper in Ulm, showing the different departments and jobs, as well as going through the newspaper's production process. But more than just a dry, mechanical look at how things at a newspaper get done, this student production presents some of the issues a newspaper faces - how to present news and how to represent social issues and what comes with working for a newspaper.

It's interesting to see the early student work of a director who has been an established, professional filmmaker for thirty years. Might give some aspiring chaps a bit of hope.

Unfortunately, the film has no English subtitles, so only those fortunate enough to understand German can fully appreciate this early work from a quiet and interesting filmmaker. For the rest of you: the solution.

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