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Sunday, April 23, 2006

British Filmmaker, Gurinder Chadha, to Direct Dallas

Gurinder Chadha has recently confirmed that she is going to direct the feature-film adaptation of everyone's favorite screwed-up-Texan-family drama, Dallas. Chadha, director of lovely films such as Bend it Like Beckham and Bride and Prejudice, tells the BBC that, "it's set today and all the characters are much more extreme versions of how we remember them." I wonder what that means...

[Flash forward]

J.R. and Miss Ellie are having it out (J.R. has just smashed a family heirloom in a fit of rage because Ellie is back on the pills), and suddenly Bobby and Sue Ellen come tearing through the front room on brightly-colored motorbikes leading a chorus of dancers. The musical number finally crescendos with Bobby and Miss Ellie hugging, while J.R. and Sue Ellen have stolen the family jet and taken off to Mexico.

Or maybe it's the one where J.R. buys Man United and turns it into a girls-only team causing everyone in Manchester to boycott the rest of the matches... (The girls beat Newcastle for the Premiership, btw)

Chadha is also set to direct the feature version of I Dream of Jeannie, which I'm pretty excited about - come on, the guy has his own Barbara Eden Jeannie! It makes me wonder though, can a director be considered an auteur if they start to only remake old Larry Hagman shows?

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