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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wallpapers: Danny Boyle's, 'Millions'

You can rest assured that nothing we do here is all that random [insert witty connection to British filmmaker theme]. That said, if you haven't been introduced to British director, Danny Boyle, then you probably,
A) Aren't a fan of horror films
B) Aren't a fan of drug movies
C) Aren't a fan of movies with contemporary political relevance
D) Aren't a fan of Family oriented movies
E) Hate all things British
F) Hate trains
G) Hate yourself because he apparently has loads to do with everything that is remotely interesting.

Now that I've effectively offended our one reader, accept my apology by downloading a couple of nice wallpapers from Boyle's sweet flick, Millions.

Click images for 1024x768 size, then right click, 'Set As Desktop Background', or 'Save Image As...' and you're set. And don't worry, if anyone goes to jail it'll be us.


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