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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Would you trust this geezer?

Over here, we are currently having our version of Donald Trump's Apprentice show. The Trumpster couldn't afford the airfare, it seems, so we've replaced him with our very own mogul, Sir Alan Sugar

Aside from the fact that Sir Alan looks like Ms Tiggywinkle, what does this have to do with Media Arts? Well, -I would argue- the show is very much media art. Apart from being filmed much like a tourist ad for London - searing skyscrapers, no litter or racial tension, lots of shots of Big Ben and the Millenium Wheel- the show is a bloody sitcom. The way it describes itself is like a pitch for such a sitcom: only the most ludicrous pitch ever. Hear this, and see if you don't believe me....


The big boss Sir Alan, is famous for setting up a computer company called AMSTRAD. The company was so called because AMS are his initials (Alan Michael Sugar) and TRAD is short for Trading. Still with me? Said company, believe it or not, is now worth over 500mil squid (or nearly a billion dollars), mostly through clever use of smoke and mirrors.

Each week, this respected mogul sets two teams tasks. Whichever team loses has to go back in the boardroom and sack someone. This week, the two teams on the show were given 2000 squid each, and told to go and create a themed restaurant in two days flat, with the winner being the team who made the most profit. The resident weirdo/moaner/crybaby - '
Jo' a Human Resources Manager, (who says that if she were a famous television character, 'she'd be Tigger from Winnie the Pooh') managed to win and stay on, whilst Sayeed, who claims to have been a director of a firm turning over 1.6mil, lost and nearly got sacked by Sir Al for ordering 100 chickens worth of topping for 100 pizzas. You heard it right.

Have I won you over yet? Or am I - if I was making this pitch- fired, just like the contestants are each week? Trust me, it's definitely a sitcom, Ms Tiggywinkle an' all, and -thanks to auntie bbc's benificence- you can watch it online for


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