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Monday, March 27, 2006

Poll: Favorite Film Genre

Since the last poll was such a monumental success, here's another one. Everyone knows and loves a genre film; from Aelita: Queen of Mars to Once Upon a Time in the West, and from Serenity back to Nosferatu. While this exercise is a bit reductive in regards to the extent of film genres, we are interested in what your favorites are. So pop on over to the fashionable side-bar and 'Become a Statistic.'

What is your favorite film genre?
  • Comedy (Romantic, Tragic, Slap-stick, Satire, Parody)
  • Melodrama (Gothic, Romance, Period, etc.)
  • Sci-fi/Fantasy
  • Horror (Suspense, Thriller, Slasher, Monster, etc.)
  • Film Noir*/Gangster
  • Musical
  • Western
*For the sake of this poll, Film Noir will be regarded as a genre rather than just a style.

[Link to the results of the last poll]

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