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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Poll: The Academy Awards

So, like true conformists, our attention is aroused by everyone and their blinking dog chatting about the latest Academy Awards. Was Jon Stewart funny or boring? Why wasn't The Perfect Man nominated for an award? Why was March of the Penguins? Is Crash really racist? Why do the cameras always cut away to Steven Spielberg's smug cheeser? Does Peter Jackson wash his hair? Where have all the cowboys gone? etc., etc.

To satisfy all of our piqued interests, we unashamedly present our very own Post Academy Awards Poll (PAAP, if you will). This way we can appear like we concern ourselves with Pop Culture/Media Arts while still being kind of snooty and safe, now that they are over.

Feel free to voice your own preferences for films/awards in the comments... but beware of said snootiness.

Here are the results from this Poll:
What are your feelings about the Academy Awards?

Enjoy them and was pleased with this years' results 17% 2 votes
Enjoy them, but was disappointed by this years' results 8% 1 vote
Usually dislike them, but was pleased with this years' results 0% 0 votes
Think the Academy is just a Big Show in itself, but entertaining anyway 8% 1 vote
Care about the Awards almost as much as I care about Paris Hilton's lame dog 67% 8 votes

12 votes in total

Thanks to my brilliant Statistics 221 course, I am now fully qualified and confident in saying that the majority of people who read Boast care more about Paris Hilton's Lame Dog than they do about the Academy Awards. I would even feel comfortable saying, a significant number of people care more about...

I'll be sure to send these results to the people over at the Academy. Maybe they'll get Rob Lowe to do another dance solo or possibly some flying monkeys, because I don't want any more to do with that Paris Hilton and her mingin' dog.


Blogger Aaron said...

I agree. The Perfect Man was, indeed, a fine film. It reminded each of us of a greatly overlooked segment of western culture; the insanely beautiful, intelligent woman who sits at home night after night alone...ignored by men everywhere who are searching for something else. Something bigger, something hairier...

Searching, I think, for a man.

A theme clearly repeated in March of the Penguins.

Why, in the year of Brokeback and March of the Penguins was the finest gay manifesto of the year ignored?

Also, Hilary Duff was totally rockin' in this one! What a set!

2:26 PM

Blogger Mike said...

Most definitely. Brokeback Mountain gets all the glory while these others have to clutch and grab with the likes of In the Company of Men and The Wages of Fear for their homoerotic appreciation.

We deserve a mash-up; In the Company of Penguins or The Wages of Men, or possibly, The Perfect Penguin.

12:06 PM


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