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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bergman's Death Wears the 'C'

The Swedish men’s ice hockey team has won the gold medal at the 2006 Torino games. Not only was Team Sweden a pleasure to watch (although up until the final match, Team Finland was the Daddy Mack), but I found myself reminded of my favorite Swedish film, Ingmar Bergman’s, The Seventh Seal. You might say (and I will allow) that this is a strange connection. Oh, but wait. It isn’t merely the likeness between a gold medal game and a chess match with Death (look at the expressions on the Finn’s faces and tell me that they wouldn’t welcome the Grim Reaper)… or maybe it is. Doesn’t team captain, Mats Sundin, look a lot like the ubiquitous Mr. Reaper?
‘Appropriate, don’t you think?’

Go Foppa!



Anonymous k said...

If these photos were contemporaries we would say that the man wasn't being paid enough in one of his roles and I'll bet it would be as an actor. The arts, along with just about everything else of value as we all know, fall behind sports. Now if death would have just had a sponsor's logo on his hood....

6:21 AM


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